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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mercury Thermostats Cause Environmental Concern

We care about the environment and you should, too! Did you know that older thermostats contain mercury which is dangerous if not handled properly? Be sure your contractor recycles if your thermostat is replaced!

Mercury is a toxic metal that, when released into the environment can leach into our groundwater and contaminate fish and other plant and wildlife. According to industry estimates, the average mercury switch thermostat contains nearly 4 grams of mercury, which is more than one thousand times the amount contained in a CF light bulb. Be sure that your Heating/Air Conditioning contractor partners with The Thermostat Recylcing Corporation and properly recycles these thermostats when they remove them or replace them for you so that they are not discarded into the waste stream. Local NJ Residents contact us for safe disposal of your old thermostat and replacement of an energy efficient thermostat.

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