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Monday, March 15, 2010

RAIN, RAIN.....EVERYWHERE! Have You Checked Your New Jersey Sump Pump?

If April showers bring May flowers, what exactly does a storm like the torrential rain and flooding experienced in New Jersey this past weekend bring? Clearly, lots of trouble! Streets closed, trees down, power outages....resulting in no heat, flooded basements, rising rivers and the like. In full disclosure, we are Contractors in New Jersey. Surrounding every storm there is an influx of calls from people that never imagined they would be so devastated by water damage.
In a September 2009 post, we wrote about the importance of maintaining pumps and details about different types of backup pump systems. NJ residents that lost power were grateful for the water-actuated back up pumps we've installed. We thought it made sense to share our thoughts with you again! Of course, once a backup pump system is installed that doesn't mean it should be neglected or ignored. Watch the forecast and have your pump checked out! NJ residents, we're at your service if you need us! Visit our website for more information about sump pumps and our other services for homes and businesses in New Jersey.

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