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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Help Your AC System Cool Better!

It's Summer in New Jersey and the Air Conditioning Systems are running! The sun is shining and while it brings a smile to everyone's face, and causes flowers to bloom it also bring the discomfort of a hot house. How do you keep your house cooler, you ask? In full disclosure, we are HVAC Contractors serving Homes and Businesses in Northern and North Central New Jersey. Here's our advice....
    • Keep your blinds, draperies or shades closed during the peak sun hours
    • Ceiling Fans will help circulate the air and the movement will feel cooler
    • Do not turn your AC System off completely even if you're not home - raise the thermostat to a higher setting. This will allow the system to run albeit at a higher temperature, and will keep the humidity level constant and more comfortable
    • If you use a digital set-back clock thermostat, change your 'away' time so that the air conditioning system comes on before you get home
    • Have your professional air conditioning contractor service your system - a better maintained system is subject to fewer breakdowns and will run more efficiently
    • Use landscaping to your advantage - shade trees will more than beautify your home, they will keep it more comfortable, shielding you from the hot sun
    • Consider replacing your air conditioning system with a variable or multi-speed system
    • Run your dishwasher, oven or cooktop early in the morning or late at night

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