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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Ends, Fall Starts.....Time For Your Heating System 'Tune-Up'

It's that time of year again....If you look out your window you'll notice that the trees are beginning to shed their greenery, The leaves gently float through the sky and carpet our lawns, the foliage will soon be ablaze with vibrant colors indicating the start of fall, and soon....winter.

Our children return to school and our wardrobes change as we layer items of clothing. Along with this change of temperature and change of season we turn off our air conditioning systems and bid them a peaceful rest for the next 6 months, and turn to our furnaces and boilers on whom we depend for the warmth of our homes and comfort of our families. A simple turn of the thermostat, change of a setting and flip of a switch reminds these often-neglected appliances that guard our comfort to come to life. (And don't forget to change the filters on your ducted heating systems.)

It's time to schedule your annual heating tune-up service. Don't wait for that first freezing cold winter day, call your local contractor and get on the list for this very necessary service now.

New Jersey residents, we're at your service. Visit our Website for more information.

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