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Monday, December 27, 2010

High Efficiency Furnaces Vent Outside.......Have You Cleared The Snow From Yours?

Many homeowners have elected to install High Efficiency gas furnaces over the past several years. These gas furnaces vent the combustion gases out of your home using plastic PVC pipe instead of galvanized sheet metal ducting. High efficiency furnaces have two heat exchangers instead of one, allowing the combustion gases to cool sufficiently so that they will not melt the plastic pipe. The plastic PVC pipe can be vented out an exterior sidewall of the home instead of the chimney.

In full disclosure, we are contractors serving New Jersey homes and businesses since 1928. Many a customer has called, including today after a 25" snow storm, with no heat.....and what did we find? A blocked vent pipe......Our advice to you in snowy weather like we have today in New sure you clear the snow away from the exterior outlet of the PVC piping.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding Honest Heating Contractors in a Down Economy....Doing the Right Thing!

"Honesty is the Best Policy" "Thou shalt not lie" "An honest day's work for an honest day's pay" "Thou shalt not steal" There's a recession of major proportions in the USA, and of that, there's no doubt. Funny things happen to people when they feel insecure or unsteady about their finances and the economy at large. As contractors in New Jersey, in full disclosure, serving New Jersey homes and businesses since 1928, we see first hand the fear and unrestful feelings that many customers are left with when dealing with disingenuous contractors. It's a shame, plain and simple. Where have some gone wrong in this industry, and others as well....

To that end, I've written and published the following article this month and wanted to share it with you. Qualified as an 'Expert Author' at Ezinearticles, I invite you to read an all-too-common scenario.

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