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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Turn up the heat! New Jersey experienced single digit temperatures last night, with sub-freezing weather predicted through the next several days and more snow and cold weather to follow.

In full disclosure, we are contractors serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Northern and North Central New Jersey since 1928.In an effort to pass on some good advice, we thought we'd remind any of our New Jersey friends and customers that are homeowners and business owners to allow some water to constantly drip from any faucet that may be affected by a draft, or if there is any part of your home (or entire home) that may be without heat during this cold snap. Allowing water to drip from any faucet will be your best approach to avoid frozen split pipes.

No one wants to come home to a 'winter wonderland' of icicles inside their home! And, believe us, we've seen it! In speaking with a customer just this morning who has requested that we replace his boiler, we gave this exact advice!

New Jersey residents, visit our website for more information or call us for all your heating, plumbing, air conditioning, solar and electrical needs at 800.287.6651.

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