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Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Time For Your Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service! Why Maintenance for Your AC System Makes 'Cents'!

The days are getting longer, and warmer. Winter seems to have retired for the season, and in New Jersey we're thankful for that. It's been a dreadful winter with dozens of inches of snow! As the sun rises on Northern New Jersey today, we finally welcome spring. Evidenced by the buds on the trees, the first flowers of the season standing proudly, and the sounds of birds happily chirping, we're ready to think about the start of summer...and the air conditioning unit that has sat quietly during the winter months.

It's time to contact your local contractor for your Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up Service!

Manufacturers and experts alike weigh in on the fact that similar to the manner you maintain your automobile, so should you service your air conditioning and heating comfort systems. Your equipment will not only run more efficiently and therefore provide comfort for you and your family, but keeping your systems 'tuned-up' will provide more efficient operation therefore reducing your energy costs!

Here's an article we've written about the merits of servicing your air conditioning system, why it makes sense (cents) and why you should always have a professional maintain your system on a regular schedule.

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